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The Vintagedesign “VDC” is a brand new transformer balanced Class A design that uses a diode bridge as the gain reduction element. It is based on the old British 2254 / 2264 and our own C1/CL1mk2.

Each channel features three custom-made Carnhill transformers which deliver an authentic, punchy low-end and that highly sought after classic mid tone.
All controls are stepped – a “must have” for recall in mix and mastering environments.
A blend control allows parallel compression – always a desirable feature on any compressor. The VDC provides two types of HF boosts. The HF switch boosts the high frequencies with 2dB, affecting both the output signal and the signal that feeds the side-chain.
The AIR switch boosts the high frequencies on the compressed signal by 2 dB.
As with many stereo devices, the VDC has one set of controls for both channels.
The VDC uses two threshold detectors which are summed before the timing circuits to ensure maximum performance. Both channels hit the detectors even if they are 180 degrees out of phase.

Designed and built in Sweden, the Vintagedesign VDC stereo bus compressor is a classic in the making. Vintage sound and controls, old school look and a solid professional ergonomic feel are guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning audio engineering professionals and enthusiasts.

VDC requires the new PSU-2! Please note that it will not work with the old PSUD!

Input impedance: 10kohm
Output impedance: 600ohm
Max input/output level: +26dBu
Dry signal A-weighted
THD+N @ +4dBu: 0,0067%
THD+N @ +20dBu: 0,037%
Compressor A-weighted
THD+N @ +4dBu: 0,0069%
THD+N @ +20dBu: 0,057%
THD+N @ 4dB gain reduction: 0,12%
SNR @ 1kHz, +4dBu A-weighted
Dry signal: 87dB
Comp signal: 84dB
Max input/output level +26dBu
Threshold: From -20dB to +15dB in 41 steps
Ratio: 1.5:1 / 2:1 / 3:1 / 4:1 / 6:1 / 8:1
Attack: 0,5mS / 1mS / 2mS / 3mS / 6mS / 12mS / 25ms / 50mS
Recovery time: 25mS / 50mS / 100mS / 400mS / 800mS / 1.5S / Auto1 / Auto2
A1 = 100mS / 2 Sec, A2 = 50mS / 5 Sec
High-pass filter: Off / 75Hz / 100Hz / 125Hz / 150Hz / 250Hz, all with 6dB/ octave slope
Make-up gain: 0-20dB in 41 steps
HF switch: Boosts the high frequencies around 1dB at 20kHz, this also affects the threshold detector
AIR switch: Boosts the high frequencies around 3dB at 20kHz and does not affect the threshold detector
IN switch: True by-pass switch
Blend control: From dry to compressed signal i 21 steps

Specifications and components may be changed or updated without further notice.

Dave-Cobb-VDCNashville’s hottest producer Dave Cobb speak out about Vintagedesign’s VDC: “I love the VDC!!! It make everything sound massive!!!”
To my ear the VDC is a stereo compressor that adds some character but does so in a way that doesn’t artificially color what’s put through it. After listening to all the various compressor circuits, in my opinion, the diode bridge design compresses in the most musical way. On a stereo mix, the width and depth this compressor can impart is truly impressive. Having used the previous model – CL1MK2, the sound is basically the same as the VDC but having one set of knobs for two channels definitely speeds up its use and if you’re pressed for rack space, only one space is needed.  Also, the High Pass Filter’s frequencies have been changed with a more usable low frequency of 75 Hz.  Compared to other diode bridge compressors the VDC has the quickest Release and slowest Attack times. Especially applicable for  mixes when very little compression is needed but just enough for the “glue”. The HF and AIR switches are ideal for adding a little or a little more upper frequencies that really enhance the “shine” of a mix and are usable in a way an EQ may not be. Another feature of the VDC is the blend control that can  be used for parallel compression-when just a little is enough.  The VDC is manufactured in Sweden with a very solid well built construction from the case to the inside layout.  One of the best diode bridge compressor on the market today.
Jim Nordstrom / US

VDC review in Sound On Sound April 2015

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