Three HPF frequencies THD function that adds more even harmonics Grab function that selects a harder threshold knee Blend control for parallel compression All controls stepped for easy recall To celebrate TK Audio’s 10 year anniversary we are releasing the BC1Ltd in a limited edition of 100 pieces. We [...]


Blend control for parallel compression. All controls stepped for easy recall. High Pass filter on the sidechain with 5 frequencies. Low ratios for mastering. THD circuit that adds more even harmonics. Smooth compression. TK Audio’s BC2-ME is a perfect tool for mastering. It is based on the same basic [...]


3 Baxandall bands with low Q. High and low bands switchable between shelf or peak. High Pass filter. All controls stepped for easy recall. M/S circuit. Electronically balanced for a clean path. The TK-lizer is a Baxandall type of EQ, high and low bands are selectable between shelving [...]