Austria,  dB Music, distributor

Belgium, NoHype

Bosnia, Sonus

Croatia, Sonus

Denmark, Cyberfarm, distributor

France, Union Sonique, distributor

France, Studiodealers

France, Funky Junk France

Finland, Deluxe Music

Georgia, MiFasi 

Germany, ES-Pro Audio, distributor 

Germany, Digital Audio Service 

Germany, Pro Audio Gear

Germany, Maarweg Audio

Greece, Athen Pro Audio

Greece, Boutique Audio Store 

Herzegovina, Sonus

Italy, Lucky Music, distributor

The Netherlands, Studio Guys

The Netherlands, Sound Supplies

The Netherlands, Bluetone

Macedonia, Sonus

Norge, Deluxe Music

Portugal, Audiolog

Scotland, Mediaspec

Serbia, Sonus 

Spain, Mastering Mansion Madrid, distributor

Slovenija, Sonus

Switzerland, Gear Addict Shop

Switzerland, Flyline

Switzerland, House of Sound

UK, ASAP, distributor


UK, Production Room

UK, SX Pro

Head Distributor North & South America, RAD Distribution

Canada, Media Musique

Canada, Studio Economik

North America, Alto Music- Airmont

North America, Atlas Pro Audio

North AmericaDSP Doctor

North Amercia, Parsons Audio

North America, Perfect Circuit

North America, Pro Audio LA

North America, Sound Pure

North America, Sweetwater

North America, Vintage King Audio

North America, Westlake Pro Audio 

North America, Wynwood Audio 

North America, Zen Pro Audio

Puerto Rico, Caribbean Audio Group

China mainland & Hongkong, Ding Dong Audio

Hong Kong, Kicksound

India, Beatbox

Indonesia, Chandra

Israel, Funky Audio

Japan, M.I.D.

Pakistan, Music Guide

South Korea, Music Metro (Vintagedesign only) 

South Africa, Benjamin Pro Audio
Head Distributor North & South America, RAD Distribution

South America,  Sweetwater 

Colombia, Era Electronica

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