The story behind TK Audio

TK Audio was founded in 2008 by Thomas “TK” Kristiansson as a sister company to Vintagedesign (later rebranded as Vintagedesign by TK Audio) which he had been running since 2001.

Thomas has worked with electronics, music and gear in different forms all his life and has a big passion for developing new products. His interest for electronics started out at a young age and the passion for gear has ever since been a constant in his life.

With just two people in the company (Thomas and his fiancée Annica), we can define us as a family business and as we are located in Halmstad, a small town on the west coast of Sweden, we have the advantage on having some of our suppliers within a close distance.

Our philosophy – Creative audio solutions made in Sweden

Simply put, we make quality products that helps you create the best sounding music whether it is in a professional studio, a home studio or at a live venue.

We have a wide range of products in both the 19” format and 500-modules. This gives you possibility to choose TK Audio for many of the different stages of your music production.

We believe in the quality of knowledge and keeping the production as environmentally friendly as possible.

The fact that Thomas is the CEO of the company as well as the developer/engineer behind all our products gives us the benefit of being able to give first class customer service.

We are proud of keeping our production in Sweden. At our workshop in Halmstad we design the circuit boards, panels and chassis, handle the final assembling and soldering, as well as make the final production tests and packing. Most of the PCB’s are assembled at a factory in Alingsås, Sweden and the chassis are made in Halmstad. We have installed solar panels at the workshop and continuing steps towards a production as sustainable as possible are always an ongoing process.