Dual Mic Preamp

TK Audio’s flagship preamp, DP2, has been replaced by the all new DP3.

The DP3 is a unique hybrid design including both vintage and modern circuits. The midrange crunch of the germanium sound of the mid 60’s, the low mid punch and thick sound associated with British class-A from the early 70’s as well as the more modern tone from the 80’s and 90’s.

It contains not just our well proven input stage and germanium circuit, we have also incorporated a new saturation circuit that together with the vintage class-A stage gives you lots of character choices.

The input stage is designed around a high quality Swedish Lundahl transformer and a hi-gain stage followed by selectable saturation and germanium circuits for more color and harmonics.
Instead of switching output stages as it was done in our previous models the class-A stage is now inserted in front of the output level control letting you drive the transformer harder without overloading your A/D converters. This also make the output less sensitive to different load impedance. The class-A stage uses a heavy custom made Carnhill transformer that produces a fat and punchy sound with mid-range character and a warm top end.
The Hi-Z instrument input has a separate activating switch so that you can let your instrument stay connected all the time. The Hi-Z direct mode function bypass the input transformer and input stage and send the instrument signal direct to the HPF and the selectable saturation and germanium circuits.
Direct mode gain is +14dB which is perfect for bass recording together with the class-A stage.

The sweepable HPF goes from 30Hz to 400Hz which allows precision crafting of the low end.


The DP3 preamp has three separate tools to add character to your tracks.
No:1 is a passive saturation circuit that adds mostley odd harmonics to your sound.
No:2 is an active germanium stage that adds both odd and even harmonics to the signal and it also soften the hi-end.
No:3 which is a vintage class-A stage that is inserted into the signal path before the output level control.


Input impedance: 1600 ohm / 400 ohm
Instrument input impedance: 2 Mohm
Max output level: +26dBu
DI-direct gain: +14dB
Frequency response electronic balanced: -0,2dB @ 80kHz
Frequency response class A inserted: -0,5dB @ 20kHz
THD+N @ +20dBu: 0,007%
THD+N @ +20dBu, class-A inserted: 0,01%
THD+N @ +20dBu, saturation stage active: 0,3%
THD+N @ +20dBu, germanium stage active: 1%
Power consumption: 15VA
Power requirement: 115v or 230v internally selectable



Hi-Z input: High impedance instrument input with 2 Mohm input impedance
In: activates the instrument input
Direct: bypasses the mic input stage and feeds the Hi-Z input stage directly to the HPF
48v phantom power switch with separate LED indicator
Gain switch in 5dB steps: -25 to -80dB, +5dB to -25 with -30dB pad selected
Headroom meter: This LED-meter is a headroom meter and NOT a VU-meter. It is connected before the output level control to show the internal headroom even if you have lowered the output level. With the level at max the meter indicates clip at +25dB.
-30dB: pads the input signal -30dB (for best signal to noise ratio, avoid the 30dB pad if not needed)
Impedance: mic input impedance normaly1600ohm, 400ohm when engaged
Sweepable high pass filter: 30-400Hz, 12dB/octave
Saturation: inserts a saturation stage for extra harmonics after the HPF
Germanium: inserts a germanium stage after the HPF (for more color, select higher gain and back off a little with the output level control)
Selectable vintage class-A stage
Output level control: adjusts the output level after the class-A stage if inserted
Polarity switch: flips the output polarity
Illuminated switches (except for the phantom toggle switch which has a separate LED)

Specifications and components may be changed or updated without  further notice.-


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